Monday, 23 May 2011

The Way I Think Of You

When I want to do something, I will think of you...I will think when you are back, I want to do it together with you...When I want to go somewhere, I will think of you...I wish I can go with you when you are back here... When I take photo with my friends, I wish you are the one beside me, and take nice photo together...When I am eating something nice, I will think that I will have the chance to bring you there and let you taste it, and I will think whether you will like it or not...I will think you got eat this food or not....Maybe yes , maybe no...Will you feel that it is too oily? Haha....So many question in my mind...Because I really don't clear about the thing you like to eat very much...As I seldom got the chance to out dating together...That's why I wish you can date with me very very much...I want to share what I do, where I go, what I eat that I only can do with my friends now, I wish I can do it with you...Because when I am with my friends, you are in my heart...I didn't message you in facebook these days because many times I message you in facebook and you didn't reply me...I thought you don't really like I message you in facebook...But I will tell you, I really miss you...No doubt...ok ? Hehe....

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